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Livorno-Cruise Port

Livorno Cruise Port

Livorno is the ugly sister of the beautiful Tuscan city of Florence. Many tour itineraries will actually list Florence as the port of call because Livorno itself is a busy, modern container terminal with little to recommend it aside from its location.

Within relatively easy reach of Livorno are Florence, the jewel of Renaissance Italy; Pisa, home of the famous Leaning Tower; Lucca, a smaller medieval walled city; the elite beach resort of Forte dei Marmi; and some fabulous discount shopping including the revered Prada Outlet not far from Florence. Visiting Florence is definitely a lifetime experience. The city is jam-packed with history, architectural and art treasures.

And once you are there, you can walk the historic center easily, covering many of the highlights in a few hours. Make sure you eat gelati on the Ponte Vecchio crossing the Arno River, and visit either the Uffizi or Accademia Galleries to see the best of Renaissance art, especially Michelangelo.

Terrazza Mascagni

Terrazza Mascagni

Travelers who want to take in stunning views, revel in salt water breezes and enjoy plenty of open space for walking will love the Terrazza Mascagni, tucked along the Italian coast. Its checkerboard promenade is a local landmark as many visitors as locals gather here to watch ferries sail in and out of the port from this terrace on the sea.
A number of picturesque cafes and tasty restaurants prove the perfect stopping point for a drink with a view during an evening constitution, but quiet benches and peaceful bike paths offer up alternatives for those who want to unwind near the water.

Sanctuary of Montenero

This religious complex, also known as the Shrine of Our Lady of Grace, is one of the most-visited sanctuaries in Italy’s Livorno Hills. Visitors who make their way to this cream-colored holy place will find a quiet chapel and a network of caves that once served as a hideaway for thieves and a shelter during World War II. The sanctuary is also home to a small but detailed museum that showcases the history of miracles that have occurred here.
Visitors say the Shrine of Our Lady Grace is a magical destination with incredible views, peaceful grounds, unique history and truly beautiful interiors.
Quartiere Venezia

Quartiere Venezia

Piccola Venezia (Little Venice) is crossed with small canals built during the 17th century using Venetian methods of reclaiming land from the sea. At the heart sits the remains of the Medici-era Fortezza Nuova. Canals link it with the waterfront Fortezza Vecchia, built 60 years before the Fortezza Nuova. The waterways are huge fun to explore; either from canal-side footpaths or by tour boat, shabby-chic panoramas emerge of faded, peeling apartments draped with brightly coloured washing, interspersed with waterside cafes.

Museo Civico Giovanni Fattori

Museo Civico Giovanni Fattori

This gallery in a pretty park features works by the 19th-century Italian Impressionist Macchiaioli school led by Livorno-born Giovanni Fattori. The group, inspired by the Parisian Barbizon school, flouted stringent academic art conventions and worked directly from nature, emphasising immediacy and freshness through patches, or ‘stains’ (macchia), of colour.

Museo di Storia Naturale del Mediterraneo

Museo di Storia Naturale del Mediterraneo

Livorno’s Natural History Museum is an excellent, hands-on affair. The highlight of the permanent collection is a 20m-long whale skeleton called Annie.

Acquario di Livorno

Acquario di Livorno

Livorno’s thoroughly modern acquarium swims with 300 different species of Mediterranean fish and sea life. The stars of the show are blacktip reef sharks, seahorses and the huge green sea turtles Ari and Cuba.

Fortezza Nuova

The Fortezza Nuova, built for the Medici family in the late 16th century, is in an area known as Piccola Venezia (Little Venice) because of its small canals. The interior is now a park and little remains of the fort except for the sturdy outer walls.

Fortezza Vecchia

Fortezza Vecchia

Close to the waterfront, the Fortezza Vecchia was constructed in the 16th century on the site of an 11th-century building. With huge vertical cracks and bits crumbling away, it looks as though it might give up and slide into the sea at any moment.

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Cattedrale di Livorno

Cattedrale di Livorno

The city’s unspectacular cathedral, designed by visiting British architect Inigo Jones, was later used by Jones as a model for the layout of Covent Garden.


Chiesa di Santa Caterina

Chiesa di Santa Catarina, with its ancient, thick stone walls, stands sentry on the western side of Piazza dei Domenicani as it did for the Medicis four centuries ago.

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