Cortona , Tuscany (Arezzo)

The genius of a place

THE GENIUS OF A PLACE is a feature length film now in production that tells the story of a community suddenly thrust “on the map” as a touristic destination. The film is set in and stars Cortona. It shows the town’s residents and visitors as they discover in real time how complex it is to promote economic growth while also trying conserve the “genius” of this stunning place.

Cortona has a history that goes back 2500 years to Etruscan times. It grew to its present size between the 13th and 15th centuries, when it was a colorful and crowded city. And while an extremely popular travel destination for Americans today, Cortona’s rustic and gritty personality survives.

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Cortona Map (Historic Centre)

Cortona Map Historic centre

Cortona Map

Cortona Map

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